View Full Version : Geforce 6800 Ultra problem - Different performance on similar systems

06-05-05, 06:03 PM
Alright, I hate to lack specific details, but I have a somewhat general problem that needs addressing. A friend recently purchased a brand new Leadtek Winfast A400 Ultra TDH Geforce 6800 Ultra 256mb video card. It works well, but not much better then, say, a Geforce 6600 GT (On 1024/768 High settings: HL2 35-40, Far Cry 20-25, heavy slowdown in both). It was installed in a brand new system with a Pentium 4 3.4 GHZ processor. Now, I know I should provide the Mobo and stuff, but the fact is I do not know yet, but very soon I will (I kinda need a general idea of what my problem is, or else I wouldn't be posting so general a problem). Now, the card was placed in a very similar system with a P4, with the same power supply (a Chiefmax 550 Watt PSU), and performed significantly better (Far Cry 60 FPS, HL2 60 FPS, no slowdown). Both systems are brand new and freshly reformatted and had the same driver set (most recent official Nvidia drivers). I then took the 6800 and put it in my system (Abit IS-10 mobo, with a 500 watt PSU, P4 2.6 ghz) and I had poor performance similar to the first system (the 6800 performed almost identically to the 6600 GT which was installed before it.) Remember that the card doesn't perform poorly relative to other video cards, just relative to other 6800 Ultras. All three computers have one gig of ram.

I apologize for having so little information regarding the first two systems, but would greatly appreciate any and all help on the matter, as I am considering buying the card but first need to know what to do to make it run its best. Is it my motherboard? Thanks again.

06-05-05, 11:37 PM
well, I dont know, but all I can suggest is if the systems are similar, when u get the ur 6800 ultra, and if it performs poorly, reformat..and that's an easy fix lol. should work like a charm...and hwat kinda of psu do u got..maybe tthe ultra is not receiving enough power and is slowing it down alot b/c of thje lack of power...I know..it';s 500w.....but it might be generic and what are the rails..and hows ur cooling..might be throttling too..

06-05-05, 11:39 PM
Did you remove all previous video card drivers from your machine before installing your friend's card? If not, that's likely causing you some performance problems. Run Driver Cleaner if this is the case and then try it.