View Full Version : How to force the game to second display - nview?

06-07-05, 12:33 AM
I have dual screen setup.

Primary screen Dell LCD 19"
Secondary screen IBM 21" CRT

Is there a way to force the game to run on secondary display, particulary Doom 3?

Doom 3 isn't running well on LCD...

I played with NView options, but couldn't find anything...

06-07-05, 01:37 PM
No easy way that i know of, just swap the cables!

06-07-05, 01:53 PM
No easy way that i know of, just swap the cables!
That may not be as easily done as it is to say...Is the LCD DVI or VGA?

06-07-05, 02:05 PM
Make the other monitor your primay in the Display Properties->Settings tab. Then Doom 3 should run on it. Should work in Dual View and Horizonal Span mode. However in the Horizontal Span, it will probably make your CRT think its on the left. So if its on the right, well, you'll have to make the LCD primary again when you are done playing. At least it doesn't require a restart...near as I can remember.

06-07-05, 03:30 PM
I found a way....

If you hit alt + enter key, it's gonna move Doom 3 from primary to secondary display.

Weird huh?

06-08-05, 03:48 PM
Woh! Forget about my stupid comment about swapping cables! :(

06-08-05, 05:26 PM
It wasn't stupid.....