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06-08-05, 10:47 PM

Yay! I lost my key so I'm gonna give it another go :afro:

Mr. Hunt
06-08-05, 10:51 PM
Meh... I was playing it earlier... and it is official... the FEAR Multiplayer sucks.

MAYBE Singleplayer won't suck nearly as bad.

06-08-05, 11:11 PM
Meh... I was playing it earlier... and it is official... the FEAR Multiplayer sucks.

MAYBE Singleplayer won't suck nearly as bad.

oo oo if you dont like gimme :naughty:

06-08-05, 11:48 PM
Well, the single player I played at E3 was so incredible.. the multiplayer needs work though.

06-09-05, 12:05 AM
Why the **** its still not out for public ?? at least i wanna experiance the graphics :thumbdwn:

06-09-05, 12:12 AM
Whats so not hot about the MP?, oh yeah and..... (w/opics)

06-09-05, 01:04 AM
Lol is this game gonna be subscriber only until the retail hits the stores ? They are even worse then EA so much for caring about the community.

06-09-05, 06:19 AM
I liked the MP...

06-09-05, 07:38 AM
Just tested it and this build is pretty sweet. Some new effects and it runs way better than Beta 1. :)
Now it actually feels pretty polished. Not ready for prime time but they're getting there. :D
The engine kicks butt.

06-09-05, 08:42 AM
Crap, I've just found that I've downloaded the older beta. Can some PM me with newer one?

06-09-05, 09:25 AM
PM you a game? :confused:

06-09-05, 09:33 AM
I tired out the beta as well and i have to say that the graphics and effects are pretty cool. Expecially the particle effects when a bomb or grenade goes off....

06-09-05, 11:59 AM
This build is pretty sweet. Just got done playing it for oh ...... 5 hours. Looks good for the most part. Not thrilled about the rez choices, but whatever.

06-09-05, 12:24 PM
anyone who wants to hook me up with their key to let me play the beta...would be much appreciated :D

06-09-05, 10:45 PM
Nice! This game runs loads better than the beta! Awesome game :D Here are a few screenshots.

Some noticable changes...

*Running speed is slower.. (thank god!)
*Guns are more accurate
*graphics are nicer
*game FPS are much better
*Much less texture swappage
*Better net performance
*More organized menus

Sadly, the slow motion regeneration bar still moves a little too slow... I love the slow motion sequences :D

06-10-05, 04:22 AM
good to see/hear that this is starting to come together as we'd hoped.

Its a SP game really but if the MP is decent thats always a bonus.

any clue as to its performance???

Acid Rain
06-10-05, 05:31 AM
PM you a game? :confused:
I think he meant "Phriggen Mail" it. :D

Man, I am getting excited about Fear. It looks pretty cool to me, especially the single player screens I've seen. I think this Fall/Winter will be a fun one.

Oh, jAkUp, 23FPS??? With SLI??? Please say it isn't so.

06-10-05, 07:05 AM
Oh, jAkUp, 23FPS??? With SLI??? Please say it isn't so.
Exactly what I was thinking. Hopefully he was running on one GPU or the game just isn't optimized yet.

06-10-05, 07:20 AM
PM you a game? :confused:

No, of course. I meant Link... If some one is willing to share. :D

06-10-05, 08:05 AM
Jakup did they implement SLi yet?

06-10-05, 10:33 AM
Yes SLI appears to be working in this release.... but those were at 1600x1200 2x/4x with everything maxed. The release before would be completely unplayable.

The majority of the time it is in the upper 40+fps, when the big fights break out it starts to drop :)

For this game when its released (fall) I really think your gonna need a next gen card to see all the details on maximum.

Mr. Hunt
06-10-05, 02:45 PM
Well... I just tried it again and I love it... the way now I have NO HUD and I have no text on the menus... so I have no way of changing anything... purely brilliant... I wish all games could be as buggy as this.

06-10-05, 09:16 PM
Works great for me :D

06-11-05, 03:07 PM
i've still got my old F.E.A.R beta key, I'm pretty sure I gave to jakup or someone like 3 months ago lol :lol: But I strongly advise against playing the MP beta if you're expecting it to be anything like the final game, textures and physics are soso, objects aren't yet movable. It leaves a bad impression of the game. BUT if you're confident that this ISN'T the final product, then play the **** out of it!

06-11-05, 03:20 PM
Well the new beta is way improved over the older ones :)