View Full Version : DUal Channel memory question

06-10-05, 12:15 AM
My housemate has a dell desktop with 128MB x 2 of dual channel RAM. He has two open memory slots and is wondering what the best upgrade path is. He is thinking of getting two 256 sticks and putting them in the open slots. Would the memory still run dual channel if there is a pair of 128 and a pair of 256?

06-10-05, 03:37 AM
I do not believe they operate in dual channel if different sized modules are use together. Best chances would be stripping all current ram out and just going with 2 x 512mb modules so you still have alot of ram, operating in dual channel for that extra bandwidth :)

06-10-05, 09:13 AM
thats what I was thinking, I'll do some more checking first

06-10-05, 09:20 AM
It would be best to check the manual for that Dell, it should have a grid indicating all your options. Any 2 sticks of memory (or 3 sticks depending on the Mobo) can be run in Dual Channel Mode, provided that they are the same capacity (or same capacity per bank on some mobos i.e. 2x256 and 1x512), the same speed (DDR400, PC3500, etc). It all really depends on the motherboard though. Some have other restrictions like only one bank being able to make use of dual channel, not both banks.