View Full Version : Pariah...

06-10-05, 07:03 AM
...sucks :mad:

As a console title, it's an halfway decent one. But for PC it's a waste of time.

I'm not talking about the gameplay. Yes it's somehow faulted and it plays more like Deerhunter than a fast paced FPS.

But technically speaking it's a disaster. Many textures in this game have such a low resolution that's hard to believe this game has come out in 2005. Not even the original Unreal had some crap resolution textures as this game. The polycount is very low as well. This game was made to be run on a machine with 64 MB of RAM and it should have stayed there.

While I appreciate the effort to insert some new FX (blurry bloom everywhere NOT antialiasing firendly, some normal mapping and PS reflections/distortions) these alone do not outweight the fact that the Unreal Engine 2 has been poorly utilized. Hell, I've seen levels for UT2003 far more spectacular than those seen in this game

My personal recommendation: do not but it not even if it's in the bargain bin. :thumbdwn: