View Full Version : I think my cd-r/rw drive just crapped out...

06-10-05, 05:25 PM
The drive own't recognize any cds. Nothin.
Any advice as to how what's wrong.
I'm assuming it's pretty much dead.
And go figure the warranty is up...
I checked the cables, everything is plugged in.
There is no new firmware for it.
It's a Cyberdrive CW088
Yes I know, crap....
But what do ya expect from HP???
And if it is dead, where can I get anew one for, not so much $$$

06-11-05, 10:04 AM
Any advice on what the prob is? I wanna be sure b4 I go out and buy a new one.

06-11-05, 10:13 AM
Its probably dead. Anything with moving parts is only gonna last maybe 3-4 years max.

06-11-05, 02:32 PM
thats why you get a new nec 16r burner for like 40$ at new egg =P

nec 3500 or 3520