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06-11-05, 05:45 PM
Hi people, i've a "conceptual" problem. The issue is that i think that i've a pci card (i've a new machine, the card is a GeForce 5200 FX), but today i've opened the cpu case an i saw that the video card is in the AGP slot (the owners call it AGI slot, AGI comes from AsRock Graphics Intrface, my motherboard is an AsRock P4i45GV) and here becomes my problem: in the bios the card enabled to run is the PCI!!!!!!. I said to myself: "Why the card works if it is in the AGP slot and in the bios the PCI card is enabled?". Then i go into the bios and i've enabled the agp card (and off course disable the pci), i reboot the compute and everything works fine. My second surprise is that when i've look to the details of the controller in windows it said: type of bus: PCI. I really don't know why this is happening. If someone knows something about it i'll value your help.

(I've post this because i want to install in my computer SuSe Linux 9.2 and i can't because there is a problem with this card and i think that is a hardware problem)

06-11-05, 07:24 PM
Until the motherboard AGP drivers are installed the card will continue to work in pci mode, which will have an impact on 3d performance. You should have a driver cd that came with the motherboard, just install the AGP drivers and then you should see in windows that it is no longer a pci bus type.

06-14-05, 10:04 PM
I've installed the drivers that come with the card and when i take a look to the datails of the controller it said: Type of Bus: PCI x0. Is that wrong??
(The card is a GeForce 5200 FX AGP 8x)

10-17-05, 11:50 AM
:o Hello. i am from Turkey. i have bought a new motherboard and a new cpu, sincerely;asrock dual775-915gl and pentium 4 630. i have a geforce fx5900 agp video card. my motherboard has one slot for pci express card and one for agp. when i reinstalled the xp, new intel chipset drivers and forceware drivers, i saw that nvidia control panel writes "pci x0". so, i ran 3dmark2005 and 2001, i got the half total scores of my old system.

You see, i have the same problem, and it is killing me..:( i have reformatted 4-5 times. there is no bios settings for agp or pci selection. i have installed all the chipset drivers in the correct way but i have got a huge zero at all.. please tell me; could you find a solution or what? thanks for now.