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06-11-05, 08:25 PM
So far my year has sucked. I have fried two mobos (in different systems) had the wheel fall of my car while driving and had an engine fire. :rw: :banghead: :fu:

For the record I will never buy another mobo made by soyo ever.

Back to the subject...

I need a new mobo for my p4 system and cannot not decied between a Intel or a Via chipset. I want to have dual-channel mem if possible and PATA RAID if possible. I have a 580w power supply, 1gig pc3200, p4 2.533 w/ 533fsb, XFX 6800 agp8x unlocked to 16-6, Hercules digifire 7.1 sound, Saphire Theatrix tv tuner, 2 optical drives, two exteral hdds(USB 2.0), three internal hdds(1x60gig(boot), 2x120 Raid 0), zip 100, 3.5 floppy (and a kitchen sink).

Any suggestions?

06-11-05, 08:51 PM
Hmmm.. no suggestions I'm afraid, but I do have a question for you - what sort of cooling are you running on that CPU? How long have you been runnin' at 3.2 gig, and are you running at higher than standard voltage at all? Sorry - being a little self serving here, as I'm looking at ramping up the clocks on my P 2.4B fairly soon.

EDIT: Though, personally, I'd definitely go with an Intel chipset. They're very stable, and you kind of know what you're getting more than with a VIA one. I'd recommend a P4B533 based one, 'cept you only have AGP 4X on it.

06-11-05, 09:24 PM
I would try more like a I875 canterwood or a I865pe intel chipset. You can put a 533 bus chip on it for one. Two, it has the 8x agp slot. Three, you can upgrade to 800 fsb cpu's and faster ram up to ddr 400 later on (higher upgradability). I had the Asus P4C800 (i875 intel canterwood)deluxe and the Gigabyte 8knxp ultra (i875 intel canterwood) (gigabyte has non ultra versions of this too) that were rock solid stable. I have friends who use the Asus P4P800 motherboards with the same effect. If you are looking for a better long term investment and want some future upgradability, those two chipsets are what are you are looking for in the socket 478 cpu.

06-12-05, 03:21 PM
As far as cooling goes I have been using a Zalman CNPS5700D-Cu
cooler and venting the exaust directly outside of the case and pulling in air with 4 80mm fans w/ one directly aimed at the base of the cooler. I have done no voltmodding and have only upped the clock speed. I had to play it by ear until i got the best setting that did not cause chrashes.

here i a link to the cooler:

anyway I figured out why the both boards died. the amd's northbrigde has a cold solderjoint and the p4's southbridge(I also think a cold solder died and soyo won't rma the boards. :surrender

06-12-05, 04:48 PM
Definetely go wtih an 865 or 875 based intel motherboard. I would never use anything else for Intel 478 socket.

06-12-05, 06:45 PM
Yeah, basically most people think a 865 based mobo is more than enough against the more expensive 875 (guess that was for VIPs or sth :p ). Have a look at my sig, that motherboard is imho the best socket 478 mobo money can buy. In fact, just the other day i bought one more (just in case) :D

06-13-05, 12:24 AM
Definetely go wtih an 865 or 875 based intel motherboard. I would never use anything else for Intel 478 socket.

875's rule. Mine has been a great board. :)

06-13-05, 12:54 AM
Definitely go for Intel chipsets over VIA. Rock solid stability and reliability and less bugs, better performance etc.

06-13-05, 02:22 AM
Intel, I've had my fair share of problems with anything else. My Asus Intel boards have been rock solid though.

Edit: PAT is useless on 533FSB cpus, so stay away from Canterwood (i875) chipsets. PAT is a feature for 800FSB processors only, plus many i865 motherboards offer a similar feature, like the P4P800 of Asus.

06-13-05, 03:45 PM
ASUS P4P800. get it. its v good.
Its got mem accel. feature, which in reviews proved its as good as PAT. (i875)

i had the p4p800e deluxe mobo earlier, damn the p4 was too noisy, coudnt hear it any longer.

06-16-05, 06:15 PM
Thanks All Im getting a ASUS P4P800-E mobo from newegg as soon as i get my issue with my other AMD issue solved from my other post.

Again thanks all. :cool3: