View Full Version : antec smart power 400watt psu is awesome

06-12-05, 01:50 PM
i was just going to say to everyone that i'm extremely impressed in this puppy. maybe i just happen to draw a good one out of the hat, but i got me an antec smart power 400 watt psu and it has gone through the thick and the thin with me, and i'm most definitely a "power user" -- pun totally intended, lol.

i actually have a gauge that tells me how much wattage my connected devices use, and it uses 190-200 watts all the time @ 2.4 amps (notice this is referring to amps from the socket, not from the PSU itself).

currently i have a lanparty ultrab motherboard, a mobile xp2600 @ 1.65vcore, my ram at 3.2vdimm, 10! case fans including a tornado 92mm CPU fan (soon to be adding an addition 3 or so, though one will be 40mm and the other 60mm for active cooling), and 3 hard drives, a floppy, and a dvd burner. not to mention the light in the front and the fan controller (it itself needs power for the LCD and temp probe and crap). under this kind of load, and it only being a 400watt psu, testing with my digital multimeter, i get solid lines, 12 volts at 12.0 volts, same goes for the 5 volt rail, doesn't hover at ALL.

just wanted to say that i was much more pleased with this power supply unit than i originally thought i would be. if you're looking for a good psu for a decent price, the antec smart power series seems to be a great choice, atleast from this end.

06-12-05, 02:39 PM
Good info, what card are you using and what are the rails under load?

06-13-05, 02:27 AM
im curious how long youve ran your system with that psu and how much longer it will run

06-13-05, 12:45 PM
I used to have that PSU ... was a good one. However it could not hold my computer any longer and my overclocks would not hold (well it was 3 years old too). Had to get a 500watt and everything works great now :)

06-14-05, 12:22 AM
i've been using this system for approximately 1.5 years now. i kinda originally got it with the mindset that i would soon replace it, but i just never got around to it. then i realized that it really did an outstanding job, lol.

i hope that my overclocks aren't affected by it as well though sniperman, i may need to buy me a fortron 530watt to obtain the overclock i intend to achieve on water cooling, heh

06-14-05, 12:36 AM
did some re-testing under full load. the 5v rail is 5.00v, and the 12v rail fluxuates between 11.98 and 11.99.

edit: this test was done on the same line that my 6800gt was on.

06-14-05, 01:23 PM
I've had absolutely great experience with 5 out of 6 Antec PSUs. I'd pay money for Antec and PC Power & Cooling, but few others.

06-14-05, 03:05 PM
I've had a number of problems with voltage fluctuation on Antec SmartPower PSUs less than 400w, but with 400 and over, it's been good. I'm just not as sure of Antec given my track record with them.

06-15-05, 02:39 AM
With any given newer systems of today, you will need a minimum of 24a on the +12v rail for single video card systems and a minimum of 30a for dual(SLI) video card systems. To name a few brands, OCZ/Enermax/Antec/PC power&cooling/TTGI/Fortron/Vantec. ;)

06-15-05, 05:47 AM
I had to pick up an Antec NeoPower 480w (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16817103924) for my main system yesterday, since the band new Tt TWV 500w ia had turned out to be a complete POS....
I decided to get another Antec because I have a TurePower 550w in my #2 system and its been going strong for years :)

06-15-05, 09:37 PM
i was lookin at the 480W truepower, then i found my truepower 2.0 550W for like $20 more so i said, what the hay. truth is, Antec PSU's are just incredible. my old 380W used to power some heavy duty hardware between OC'd athlon xp and bfg 6800gt, it never once had a problem though. great hardware imo. :D

06-15-05, 10:59 PM
With any given newer systems of today, you will need a minimum of 24a on the +12v rail for single video card systems and a minimum of 30a for dual(SLI) video card systems. To name a few brands, OCZ/Enermax/Antec/PC power&cooling/TTGI/Fortron/Vantec. ;)

wow, i can't believe someone could make so many blanket statements and be sure about it. just to mention a few things (but not to put down your opinions of course) is that the amps rating is a theoretical rating, and now that PSU providers know that people are using them to determine good from bad psu's, they are skewing the results (exact same thing goes for the wattage rating, even though i'd say the most power demanding systems from high end users dont even use a full 400 watts). another thing PSU makers have found out is that people use weight for a determining factor, and have added weight to their PSU in areas such as how much metal they use, or how thick the casing is, or what materiel it's made out of for that matter.

i wouldn't consider all high end systems to be SLi. certainly all SLi systems are high end, but not all high end systems are SLi.

06-16-05, 05:57 AM
I have an older truepower 430 and it works great with my setup.

06-19-05, 07:00 PM
i added a whole watercooling setup (2 redundant pumps, 3 80mm fans, electronics, etc, it's a koolance exos [not an exos-2]) and it kept running like a beaty. i also added a 40mm fan for active cooling on my soutbridge and an 80mm fan for active cooling on the ram... still going strong. i don't have the tornado in it anymore of course, but it can run a tornado in it as well.

i just bought me a dual rail PSU from fortron though, i think i may have shot myself in the foot with that one since this PSU has been so good, but i don't want to do anything that may potentially hold me back from a better overclock, which is what i intend to get with my blue storm 500watt :D