View Full Version : question (srry to be a noob)

06-12-05, 10:44 PM
ok i have a 6800 ultra.. i have a problem when fastwrites is enabled that makes the game freeze every 5-10 seconds... so i disable fastwrites and its all fine and dandy... but now the drivers i was using are out dated and i want to use the newest ones... the ones that came with the bf2 demo tho wont let me disable fastwrites (with riva tuner) it says they are disabled but they most defineatly arent cause i get the same exact freezing problem.. so my question is what are the newest drivers that will not give me the fastwrites problem?

(btw i would stick with my current drivers but they have a problem with shadows in bf2)

06-12-05, 10:58 PM
Does your motherboard BIOS offer you the option to enable/disable fastwrites?

06-13-05, 12:05 AM
i formatted my computer and it fixed my problems =)