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06-14-05, 02:43 AM
Ok, was playing CS:S and i noticed wasnt getting the FPS i was used to getting before on my card, so i went to bios and Enabled fast write, now went i restarted my computer, i tried playing and now all my games would crash to desktop or crash/restart. After that, i reset the BIOS and tested it again, nothing, F.E.A.R. kept crashing, CS:S crashing and even WC3 was crashing... I Unplugged all things from my PSU except my graphic card and main harddrive, and still games crashing. I did a RAM dyagnostics test and both sticks passed. Removed and plugged the card back in, still nothing, Then i Decided to Format, Clean slate, and Installed BF2 again with the graphic drivers it comes with, Nothing, still crashes, Tried WC3, and it crashes again too. Formatted Another Harddrive and Installed the Official Drivers that Nvidia has on site, and Tried F.E.A.R. and BF2, both still crash...so does WC3 after reinstall. and it isnt the PSU i dont think cuz it wasnt crashing for the past 6 months earlier, plus i gave it a Direct Line so nothing would interfere with it. The card only gets to 64C when playing BF2 and 62 in WC3. Im all out of ideas and in need of help....Been trying to Prep my PC before BF2 comes out on the 22nd. :(

06-14-05, 05:56 AM
Try using the old Forceware 66.xx drivers.


06-14-05, 07:27 AM
no luck, the games are still crashing... thanks tho for the idea tho

06-14-05, 08:50 AM
Heat? cleaned out any dust lately?

06-14-05, 09:21 AM
Yea, completely Cleaned out and took a Q-tip thru theHeatsink but Didnt remove it, just took off the FAN and cleaned it for dust, didnt help at all

06-14-05, 09:26 AM
What kinds of crashes? Software errors that bring you back to desktop? HardLock? Screen goes black with sound skipping? Graphical glitches?

What are the rest of your system specs.

06-14-05, 09:28 AM
i went to bios and Enabled fast write...now all my games would crash to desktop or crash/restart.

Disable fast writes.

06-14-05, 09:51 AM
I disabled the Fast write already after i reset the BIOS, And 2 different Errors have accured. 1 brings me to Desktop when the games crash, and the second one will either Bring up the "Blue Screen of Death" and stay on that screen, or bring it up briefly and then automatically restarts the computer...