View Full Version : AGP 128MB 6600GT Tweaks?

06-14-05, 05:36 AM

I have a AGP 128MB 6600GT card on a P4 2.4Gz with 512MB RAM. I have WinXP SP2. I am running the 66.31 Forceware drivers as the 71.xx drivers were giving a problem with Rome - Total War.

I ran the AquaMark3 benchmark and I got a score of 27500 with a FPS of 27.95. Are there any System/Card Tweaks that can Increase my FPS without changing my hardware?

Thanks in Advance.


06-14-05, 06:26 AM
The 77.30 drivers have been good for me with Battlefield 2/HL2/3d Mark 03 and 05. Scores went up in 03 and 05 by a reasonable amount, but I don't know whether that's overall performance or just benchmark tweaks.

(Galaxy 6600GT AGP)