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06-14-05, 09:54 AM
Hi guys,
I've just recently added an extra evga 6600gt to my Asus SLI rig (not deluxe) and I'v enoticed on games such as BF:V and COD that the bottom half of my screen is exhibiting tearing. When I lowered my setting in BF:V it went away, but I was at the lowest graphical settings!

This doesn't make any sense. In CoD I've managed to run it fine, but the water textures in the bottom portion of my screen are all messed up as well.

By bottom, I mean to say the portion which the second card is responsible for in SFR. When I use AFR its all over the place, which I'm assuming is due to the second card again.

So whats the deal? is it my card? or is it the SLI?

I've tried a lot of drivers including the 77.30 in BF2 (it is better, but I still notice the texture issue when I'm in a tank or other vehcile.
By the way I have a CRT! this is not the LCD wide screen bug.. I don't think.

My specs:
A64 3500+ Winchester
1 gig ram
2x Evga 6600gt Same bios
Asus SLI (non deluxe board)

Thanks in advance for any insight!


06-15-05, 06:29 AM
Sorry guys, I'm just frustrated, and I've used the search function, and yet I can't find this isue specifaclly. am i losing my mind?

Any opinions will be apprecaited.

Thank you :)


06-15-05, 12:14 PM
I would try swapping the cards round and see if the issue occurs - at least then you will eliminate the bottom card being faulty

06-15-05, 12:35 PM
What refresh rate are you running your games/apps at and what FPS are you getting?

Have you tried Vsync?

Also did you enable the load balancing visualization in order to be 100% certain that the tear is occuring BELOW the the split?