View Full Version : FS: Visiontek GF4 Ti 4200SE

12-15-02, 04:08 PM
Well, I've tried to sell this one about 3 times already, well, not really, but it seems like it. Anyways, its in good condition, not overclocked or stuff like that. I'm asking I don't know...$130 for it.:eek: :D On pricewatch this baby goes for $150, I paid $180 for it. I'm losin' money here, heh. You know you want it. I'll even take a can of air to it for ya :p So give this puppy a good home and don't let it fade away into the nothingness of my old crap computer parts box.:D

12-18-02, 12:00 AM
***SOLD*** Hah! you guys missed out.:p $160!!:D :D :D