View Full Version : Keyboard locking up for short time in BF2 demo with 77.30?

06-15-05, 03:52 AM
Any1 else noticed this problem? When I set video-settings to high (except textures) I notice some kind of keyboard lockup for a brief period of time causing my player to keep moving in the direction I was going. This happens several times when playing both offline and online. Very annoying as it causes you to lose control of your player for a short time, automatically meaning death in this game.

When I set my settings to low, it goes away but I don't want that, I got a fast enough system as it is (6800Go 256mb, 1gig ram, etc).

06-15-05, 07:42 AM
You're playing this on a laptop? The game is an extreme memory hog at high settings, it might be that you've run out of RAM.

06-15-05, 07:53 AM
yep. Dell Inspiron 9300. Specs: Pentium M 750 1.86ghz (about as fast a PIV 3.2ghz) | 17" WUXGA+ TrueLife | 2x512mb 533mhz DDR2 | 60gb 5.400rpm *replaced by 60gb 7.200rpm | Sony 8xDVD+/-RW | 80watt/hour 9 CELL battery | 256mb GeForce 6800GO | Intel ProWireless 2200

very nice laptop for gaming. with a mild overclock, I get about 4.000 points in 3DMark2005. not bad eh :)

06-15-05, 08:00 AM
its not your keyboard - set your textures to medium - leave everything else on high and should go away.

or buy more RAM.

06-15-05, 08:01 AM
even with textures set to medium, I had this problem. but I just installed the 77.50 beta drivers instead of the 77.30 and so far it seems ok. maybe a driver-glitch?

06-15-05, 08:47 AM

06-15-05, 06:14 PM
Could be a resource problem where BF2 stalls the keyboard driver, you could alt-tabbing out of bf2 with high setting, then set bf2 priority to low.

06-17-05, 08:05 PM
I get it on my XPS Gen 2 too. Seems like lag, but since it happens in single player it's the game. It's pretty annoying. I'm running at 1600x1200 everything on max with 71.76 drivers (too lazy to update). It runs very smoothly, I'm guessing 50-60 fps average easily, but despite high fps, the keyboard and mouse still intermittently "lag."

I blame it on EA, along with an expensive login screen (500mb of RAM to load a login screen? Are you kidding me?).

I'm pretty sure it also does it on my Athlon XP 2800+ desktop, but I don't remember for sure. That problem was overshadowed greatly by a stuttering problem. It has 1GB DDR400 RAM, 80GB Maxtor 7200RPM hd, GeForce 6800 vanilla.