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06-15-05, 05:55 AM
help please

Had this all up and running sweet until!
I downloaded the Battlefield 2 demo.It advised me to install newer drivers which i did they were 77.30.Ran the demo but it wouldnt play properly with the screen being all fuzzy like the refresh rate was b0rked or summin.Anyway i decided to get the latest drivers from guru3d which were 77.50 and before i installed used Driver Cleaner Pro to clean out all other drivers :( OK so i then installed 77.50 and now the only screen that is visible is 1280x1024 all other resolutions are b0rked.I tried other older drivers and they are all the same.I have installed the latest monitor drivers but still no joy and for some reason will only show a 60hz refresh rate for the monitor.I have manually overid the refresh rate on the nvidia drivers to 75 but this still only works at the 1280 res.So i am stuck with this one res and refresh rate gah.All this for a bloody demo i need shootin.I have alos reinstalled all the mobo drivers just in case,any ideas please would be fantastic on how to get this sorted thanks


06-15-05, 06:02 AM
If the problem is just in BF2, it's probably because the demo is proving to be extremely buggy. For the 60 Hz issue, you probably can change that via an .ini file in the game. The resolution problem is a common one and there is a fix posted in the games forum here, though it only seems to work sporatically.