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06-15-05, 04:38 PM
I've got:

Thermalright SLK-947U - $35 ($40 w/ Smart Fan)
Tt Smart Fan II - $10
ATI AC Silencer 4 - $25
Hauppauge WinTV PVR-250 - $100
Vantec PCI Dual Fan Card - $15
Sennheiser USB Sound Card Adapter - $50
Great for getting good sound from your laptop! Sound Quality of a Soundblaster Live!
This is what makes the PC155's $50 more expensive than the PC150's
Soundblaster Live! 32-bit PCI - $15
Wireless Intellimouse Explorer - $30

Sony 21" Trinitron CPD-E540 - $300
Incredible monitor! Still retails higher than most 19" LCDs!
Specs here: http://reviews.designtechnica.com/review318_specs1589.html

All prices are OBO (if reasonable) and include shipping, except the monitor as I'll have to find out how much shipping will be to you.

ebay feedback as kirk_hammett_04 and paypal preferred.

06-15-05, 07:05 PM
They have a 32-bit SoundBlaster?!

06-15-05, 07:18 PM
They have a 32-bit SoundBlaster?!
Err...maybe 24 or 16...I'm not sure, I tried to look it up by part number and saw 32 so i put it. I'll re-check though.

06-18-05, 11:44 AM
Keeping monitor, bump!