View Full Version : GTA San Andreas stereo drivers problem

06-16-05, 04:26 AM
3D anaglyph is not working properly in GTA.
If I look trough red filter then it is OK. I see only one picture.
But if I look thorugh gyan glass then I see double picture.

The problem isn't in my glasses. If I switch the colors from stereo setup (red to right eye and cyan to left) then is cyan OK and red double.

The same problem is with GTA III, but in the driver database they give the rating excellent to stereo value.

But it works OK with test application and Tomb Raider III...

Here is an example picture from GTA SA:
(if you turn down blue and green color of your monitor then you can see only one red image, but if you turn down red color then you see a double image)

Is this problem in stereot drivers, my video card (GeForce 6600) or in the game?