View Full Version : What is this MOBO all about?

06-16-05, 08:02 PM

This thing has 3 PCIE X16 slots!

06-16-05, 08:04 PM
I'm sure its to set up a multi-monitor display. Like 6 monitors :)

06-16-05, 08:38 PM
The nForce4 SLI northbridge has 20 PCI-Express channels. nForce4 SLI actually distributes 16 PCI Express channels between two 16-channel physical connectors. To wit: SLI uses 8+8 channels, not 32 channels. Even though the physical connectors are 16-channel, the cards aren't fed that many.

Weird things can happen since physical connectors are not matched to actual PCI express bandwidth. MSI for example, got nForce4 SLI runing on a 16+4 channel board. They plugged the second 16-channel video card into a 4-channel PCI Express conector, and got it to work in SLI with the 16-channel card. Google for this if you like; I'm too lazy to do it for you.Additionally, I've seen an Intel nForce4 board with an Intel FSB nForce4 SLI northbridge and an AMD nForce4 Ultra southbridge (must be less expensive), delivering 40 channels ( ! ) of PCI Express goodness.

However, the Jetway product description implies that Jetway has used one nForce4 'bridge, which implies that this is not the case. Unless there are two controllers on that board, Jetway had to split up the 20 channels amongst physical connectors that won't actually deliver 33 channels (16+16+1).