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06-17-05, 01:44 AM
alright guys, i've been doing a lot of upgrading recently, and have found myself with a lot of extra parts that i don't need anymore. i figure why not try and sell them, clear up space in my house, and get some money for more upgrades, lol.

none of this stuff is noticably damaged or unusable, the reason for selling it is simply because i've gotten something better and don't need it anymore.

antec soho file server case, charcoal color, notice this case does have some scratches in it that are very noticable upon inspection, but aren't by glancing at the case. i'll try and get pictures of it to help better explain what i mean. ** VERY IMPORTANT ** this does not include the PSU that came with the soho file server case. it may later if i get the money to buy a new one and replace it, but currently it's my only psu. -- $75 + shipping OBO

thermalright si-97 heatsink, nickel coating on the surface has been lapped off, $25 shipped OBO

vantec 92x38mm tornado, 119CFM @ 56.4dBA $10 shipped obo

si-97 with vantec tornado, $30 shipped obo

satin red logitech mx510 optical gaming mouse (notice that the logitech symbol on the middle of the mouse is starting to wear off kindof... i haven't scratched it or anything, it's just a bad design or poor quality paint), $30 shipped

**BROKEN** evga geforce fx5900u, could be used for jewlry, wall decorations, not sure what else. notice this card has absolutely no hope of ever being revived, it has a cracked core and missing memory chips (but i will send you the memory chips with it too if you want, they will just be seperated). this does not come with a heatsink. $20 shipped obo

custom intel cu server rack mounted heatsink for a video card... this is the same heatsink that got my fx5900u to clock to 620/1021 (not a typo lol). this is probably the best air heatsink you can possibly get for a video card, far exceeding the zalman/nvsilencer cooling capabilities. this comes with an oem amd 60mm fan to mount on it. i've always preferred this fan as it's thin, quiet, and pushes decent air. you can put any fan on it though, anywhere from 40mm to 80mm. i personally don't think a 120mm fan would fit on this card, but certainly i'm sure if you've got the skillz it can be done. -- $30 shipped.

evga nalu gpu fan for a 6800gt... this fan is the stock fan that came on my evga 6800gt, i don't need it anymore as i've got several heatsink fans to replace it. $15 shipped

later, i may have a samsung dvd burner and possibly a brand new 6600gt added to this list, so check back for those. these are both products that i have that are broken and now replaced, but i believe i can get RMA's on. if i can get the rma's, i wont open the new package and sell it as a new card basically.

all prices include shipping via priority mail in the united states, other means of shipping are available at the buyers expense.

some of this stuff may be seen as priced kinda high, but that may be because i'm not in very much of a rush to get rid of it, lol.

edit: my heatware id is dromedary (http://www.heatware.com/eval.php?id=29073)

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06-21-05, 06:20 PM
i'm gonna put this sale on hold until further notice, i am thinking about just building a second pc with the extra parts i've got laying around.