View Full Version : 1 Gig Memory Stick and other PSP Stuff

06-17-05, 09:47 PM
As seen in this thread (http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?p=632769#post632769) I just bricked my PSP. So I have the following for sale:

Sandisk 1 Gig Memory Stick Duo
Sony 256 Memory Stick Duo
OEM PSP Battery
PSP Charger
PSP Headphones
2X Altoids tins :)


I also have the following UMDs:

Lumines *SOLD*
Wipeout *SOLD*
House of Flying Daggers *SOLD*

06-17-05, 11:57 PM
dang it, that is very tempting...im thinking, im thinking...

06-18-05, 02:27 AM
sooooo tempting, 1 gig sticks alone are not even 100 yet, bundled with all that other stuff man....ill have to sleep on this bro. if my new debit card comes in the mail anytime soon, i just might have to give you a pm :P

06-18-05, 07:53 AM
too late guys, sorry :)

06-18-05, 07:57 AM
DOH! i just pmed you like 30 seconds ago! oh well. its a good thing really. cuz now i'll still be able to get that nice ram riptide is selling. if he's still got it? just waitin for this goombody on ebay to pay me :rolleyes:

06-18-05, 09:44 AM
aww >_<