View Full Version : F\S: P4 640 \ Abit AG8 \ AC Freezer7

06-18-05, 08:39 AM
No I'm not crazy....for those that have seen my other F\S thread.....I had a many issues getting my AMD A64 system running right....finally, after months of work, I got it going....then out of the blue it started having strange issues :( :(
I went nuts...scrapped the whole thing and bought this intel setup.......too make a long story short, my (brand new Tt)PSU went bad......By the time I found this out my AMD parts were already gone .....All except its heart & soul the A64 4000+....I mostly use my sytem for gaming and in truth would like to be running the AMD A64. So, since its not selling I thought I'd throw out a good deal on the Intel set up and see how it goes......
here it is:
-Intel P4 640(3.2ghz)LGA775 800mhz *retail in box *not OCd
-Abit AG8 i915P (PCI-e, DDR400)
-Arctic Cooling Freezer7 HSF(super effective & silent)

This setup is barely a week old
-$400 *firm shipped in the US

06-19-05, 07:20 AM
What's up? Noone want's decent CPU's anymore/// :rolleyes:
My 4000+ dosent move.....now this sweet combo is stuck ????? :confused: