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06-18-05, 12:16 PM
Sold to Ricercar!

Please help guys, I need to get rid of these by this weekend! I am willing to ship BOTH out for $600. Thanks. Paypal only please.

They are EVGA, and they come stock at 420MHz on the core. I reflashed both of them to the latest BIOS's.

Here are some pics:


06-18-05, 12:30 PM
Wow, great deal!

06-18-05, 12:40 PM
some1 is preparing for the dual 7800 gtx setup =p free bump =)

06-18-05, 01:24 PM
You will get rid of them quick if you put them on Ebay.

06-18-05, 01:25 PM
Hmm, for $300, that would be an incredible deal for one in my new workstation. Couple questions (I don't even know if they're available still), would they still be under warranty with evga? Have you tried softquadroing it with Rivatuner? Results?

Thanks in advance.

06-18-05, 01:28 PM
Well, first of all, I am looking to sell both at the same time.

Yes the warranty is still good with EVGA, I just bought them maybe 4 months ago or something. The cards were overclocked for maybe 30 minutes, since they did not want to overclock much, (maybe somebody else would have better luck)

They have the stock heatsinks, the heatsinks have never been removed. I have not tried softquadroing it.

06-18-05, 01:31 PM
Ahh that's sad. Thanks anyways, jAkUp, you're gonna make some lucky person very happy some day, lol.

06-18-05, 02:22 PM

06-18-05, 02:28 PM
Wow, that's an insanely great price. If only I had an SLI mobo to put them in...

BTW, maybe try selling them individually as well, many people would probably pay $350 for a single PCI-E 6800U.

06-18-05, 02:34 PM
For that price on the Ultras, I'll buy a PCI-E motherboard just to run them. SLI here I come! :D

The only question remains is which motherboard? I'm thinking DLI or ASUS. There are no micro-ATX SLI boards yet, are there? Wouldn't it be sweet to have dual Ultras in an Aspire Qpack. That would almost be a SLI SFF...

06-18-05, 02:38 PM
holy ****ign ****. i've got $500. DAMN IT!

06-18-05, 02:41 PM
I really want one of those....

06-18-05, 02:42 PM
I just realized that I get paid on Friday, too...I've got almost $1500...

06-18-05, 02:45 PM
why not buy my nice new shiny x850xt PE then =)~ Or buy an ultra from jakup and trade me hehehe

Nice price jakup, you'll have it sold by the end of the weekend, specially with ricercar on the case. =)

06-18-05, 02:57 PM
I notice your cards have the Tinbury pics on the fanskinks, like the Ultra EE,
as opposed to Nalu, as shown on the 6800Us on eVGA's website. http://evga.com/products/moreinfo.asp?pn=256-P2-N377-AX

Are your cards eVGA 6800 Ultra EE, or "standard" eVGA 6800 Ultras?

EDIT: thanks OWA. Good answer.

06-18-05, 03:00 PM
The UEE has a default core of 450 so these must be regular Ultras.

06-18-05, 03:03 PM
why the sudden change of heart jakup?
7800? ;)

anyways, wish i could help, but im as broke as they come :/
so i wont be buying any hardware probaly till x-mas lol.

06-18-05, 03:05 PM
PM sent!

06-18-05, 03:55 PM
Ricecar was the first to send the pm, so he gets first dibs! Thanks for the quick reply's guys... hehe :)

06-18-05, 04:01 PM
Still no answer about what you're replacing them with.... lol

06-18-05, 04:03 PM
Dual 7800GTX's ;)

06-18-05, 04:12 PM
Oh and BTW Ricer, there is an SLI micro board, as a matter of fact, I saw an SLI Shuttle too, problem is the card is dual slot, might have to change the heatsink :)

06-18-05, 04:43 PM
So, what's up? Will you ship, let's say, to Israel? :)

06-18-05, 04:46 PM
jakup is the purest of enthusist if i ever seen one :P
always having the top of the line video card, i dont think i recall him not.
props to you jakup :D

be sure to take plenty of pics + benchmarks ;)

06-18-05, 04:46 PM
Oh and BTW Ricer, there is an SLI micro board, as a matter of fact, I saw an SLI Shuttle too, problem is the card is dual slot, might have to change the heatsink :)
Who makes the SLI micro board?