View Full Version : 77.30 and 77.62 bug with Guild Wars, Creative Audigy2 ZS Plat Pro

06-18-05, 03:09 PM
With the newer drivers presented with the Battlefield 2 Demo, I started having issues with a couple of things. And I've reproduced it a few times, just wondering if anyone else has had this problem.

I have Guild Wars, and if I try to run it in Windowed Mode, the screen turns yellow in certain areas (like Sanctum Cay). That's not such a big problem. If I use the X in the upper right hand corner to exit the game, I get a BSOD blaming nv4_disp.dll. And upon the next reboot, I'm unable to change my speaker configuration for my Creative Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro soundcard. All of the options are blank. I have screenshots of that if needed. I usually change the configuration between 5.1 and headphones. I am also unable to change that configuration via the Windows speaker configuration at that time. It requires a reinstallation of the sound drivers to alleviate that problem... until I get another BSOD because of the video drivers.

Anyone having issues like this? I've had it with 77.30, and 77.62. I haven't tried 77.50.

06-19-05, 03:43 AM
im getting the bsod as well when i press X, using 77.30 drivers

digi dude
06-19-05, 05:31 AM
they are the new nvidia drivers, this also happened to me when i play windows and i log out n click on the X button at the top right.
I found out from that error report that sends after the pc has restarted that on the microsofts websites, the new drivers are not offical n there were no help for it.
Then there was a link, telling me to go on the nvidia's website n download the new ones.
So just go on the nvidia website, n download the version that they have, the version is 71.89.
However, since i have got a Ti4400, i cannot play BF2 so therefore, i dont know the effects that this driver would have on BF2

06-19-05, 05:57 AM
does guild war support SLI?

06-19-05, 06:05 AM
im using 77.13, sometimes works fine. sometimes i get bsod (nv4_disp.dll error) out of the blue. And for some reason, when i play more than 20min or so. when i click x. my pc reboots. :(.

I dont have this problem with any other games. just guild wars