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12-16-02, 04:19 AM
I recently flashed the BIOS on my KT7A-RAID, early none- Athlon-XP version, to the latest Abit BIOS, A9. I have since noticed that the VIA Hardware Monitor and BIOS PC Health Status now report the CPU temperature as 42 Deg C, wheras the CPU has previously always run at about 32 Deg C. The odd thing is, that after an hour of UT or something, the CPU used to go up to 45 Deg C, and this is still the case! Under load the CPU temp only increases by 3 degrees instead of 13. The CPU is running at the same settings, mildly overclocked from 1.2 to 1.33 Ghz. I installed the VIA 4-in-1's, version 4.34 after flashing the BIOS.

I'm not particularly worried, I just wondered if anyone else had experienced this kind of thing.

I pushed the CPU up to 1.37 last night, 10 x 136, and the temp only rose by 1 degree. Case temp is still about 26 degrees.

The reason I flashed the BIOS is because I'm going to move to Win XP soon, and apparently by mobo and the GF Ti don't get on very well under XP without this BIOS.

In all other respects the system is running as before.

12-16-02, 07:15 AM
On my Asus A7V333 when I used the 1011 Bios my cpu temp went down about 10c and when I flashed to 1015 bios it went back up 10c and it was because on the 1011 bios the temperture on the cpu was read from the diode underneath the cpu and the other bios reading was from the internal reading of the CPU.

12-16-02, 08:42 AM
Nemesis, I'm thinking this is the first time you had flashed the KT7A in a very long time. If memory serves, you flashed to the A9 bios, correct? The bios that started this whole temperature thing was about 5 bios' ago. I wouldn't worry about it, you're temps are good. I was kinda shocked at first when I saw my 900MHz Athlon idle at 44C but under load, the temperature didn't change at all.

12-16-02, 09:00 AM
Switch - you're quite right, I haven't flashed (my BIOS) for about a year, and I did indeed flash to A9. It's a bit odd, I'd have thought a temperature increase of 13 degrees under load was much more likely than only 3 or 4. Still, I'm not bothered, the old beast has only six months to go before it's upgrade time...

Thanks for the replies...

12-16-02, 08:20 PM
don't worry about the CPU temperature. Tbirds run hot. very hot. my 1.33GHz Tbird runs at 50 degrees C. so does my friend's 1.33GHz. my case temperature is 22 degrees C. so i think it run hot normally. and yeah, i have a heatsink/fan on the CPU.