View Full Version : 6600GT problem/nForce2 motherboard

06-18-05, 06:05 PM
I have a perfectly working retail version leadtek 6600GT agp/8x card and for some odd reason, it locks up in windows or refuses to bootup sometimes no matter what VC driver is used in my NF7s v2.0 motherboard. When i first got the video card, i tried it in my BH7(i845) motherboard and it worked flawlessly, now i've got it running in a KD7E(via) and its working perfectly so at least i've narrowed things down abit. I recently bought an enermax 460w psu(35/35/33-3.3/5/12) so it can't be the it because i had a gainward 5900nU flashed 5950U running in the NF7s v.20 board and everything was working perfectly. I've used driver cleaner like i always do but nothing helps, has anyone experience this same problem and have a fix for it?

Ps- The nf7s v2.0 has the latest official BIOS(DN) from abit and nothing is OC'd, fast writes, on or off makes no difference.

Specs... XP-M 2800+/nf7s v2.0/2*256 pc3200 DC/1*60gb HD/2*optical drives/enermax 460w(35/35/33-3.3/5/12)

06-19-05, 01:27 AM
Well... i give up for now, i just can't seem to get the 6600GT to work properly with my NF7s v2.0 motherboard. I did BIOS changes, PSU changes, moved the DC channel memory around, manually set the AGP data rate(4x/8x) instead of leaving it in auto and other selections, nothing worked and nothing OC'd. It works great in other systems i've got laying around and with lesser power psu's(antec 430w TP/Tt 420w) with i845 and VIA chipsets but why not with my NF2 chipset, i haven't a clue. I guess i'll just have to save it for a a64/NF4 system when i get around to it and hope it'll work then. The enermax 460w i just got, rails are rock solid, just .01v varience under load.

06-19-05, 01:39 AM
try upping the agp voltage in the motherboard bios. the people at the abit forum always recommend to up the agp voltage to 1.6v for stability.