View Full Version : figured out a major problem I had

06-20-05, 11:55 AM
I have been in the same boat as everyone with the stuttering and lost fps.. I really didnt have to much of a problem till the BF2 demo came out and it was really annoying, I would cruise along at a good 100fps clip then drop to the teens for no reason and then pop back up, this would happen over and over.. I looked everything over and couldnt see anything that was causing it.. tried different drivers and all types of settings within BF2..

Well I did a fresh install last night and reloaded all drivers and still the same.. however this morn I noticed that with the NF2 Unified drivers (betas newest and previous) my AGP was being picked up as PCI x0 and not 8x.. I dump the NF2's betas for the official 5.10s and loaded them up, 8x now shows and I have absolutly zero problems now with BF2, not a stutter in site and no random freeze ups ect.. just played for a soild 1/2 without one single issue!! IM so Happy..

so check to make sure your not having the same issues as I..

back to gaming!

Acid Rain
06-21-05, 11:38 AM
Yup. Running the right drivers makes these old artifacts you and I use as PCs extremely stable, and nearly flawless.

I have no problems, performance at high settings, image quality, or otherwise, now that I am officially Valve-free. HL2/CSS did some funkeh stuff, but that's history now.

Anyway, I run the official 5.10s (have been since they came out, including the IDE SW driver) with the standalone audio driver package and the official 71.89s for the GT. I have never had a more stable, smooth running system. This is part of why I've used the same gear for so long, well, that, and the fact that my main rig still rips through everything I throw at it.

My machines (two nearly duplicate machines, only one has a 5900Ultra) run 24/7 and are used heavily, by the way.