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06-20-05, 10:21 PM
Mega Man Anniversary Collection XBOX vs. PS2

Comparisons of graphics were done A/B on a 50" RPTV with both consoles at 480i with similar quality cables.

The two versions of MM:AC looked similar except for two differences, one of which may be major for you. First, the XBOX edition of MM:AC looked slightly crisper and noticably more vibrant than the PS2 version. Second, and more importantly, the XBOX edition of MM:AC does away with the black bars seen on the sides of the PS2 version when playing an NES-generation Mega Man title. The XBOX version even offers a screen size adjuster (as opposed to the more basic screen positioner on PS2), which allows you to completely eliminate the black bars on the sides on any TV.



Sound on the two consoles was similar. The major difference was that by default, the PS2 version's sound effects were not loud enough and were drowned out by the music. However, this is adjustable in both the PS2 and XBOX versions options menu. Sure enough, the PS2 version had its sound effects volume set to half of that of the music, while the XBOX version was more balanced. Another difference was that the master volume level of the XBOX version was lower, but obviously all you do for that is turn up your TV/Receiver volume a couple more notches.



Unlike the Gamecube version whose controls betrayed the original Mega Man by having jump/shoot reversed, both the PS2 and XBOX versions default control scheme remains faithful to the original. On top of the PS2 configuration, however, the XBOX version has 3 additional control configurations including the Gamecube version layout and two additional layouts. I chose to stick with the default one, which was the same as the PS2. In terms of digital control, both the XBOX and PS2 pad did great with this title. The game also supports analog control, and the XBOX version was more accurate when using the analog controller than the PS2 version.



Gameplay was virtually identical, with one major exception: load/save times. The PS2 version took much, much, much longer to get going than the XBOX version. This includes both starting a game or saving a game. For comparison, starting the first Mega Man took around 13 seconds on the PS2. Starting the first Mega Man took around 2 seconds on the XBOX.



Both the XBOX and PS2 version feature similar extras. The only difference is that they feature different animated cartoons. Otherwise they are the same.



Overall, the XBOX version was superior to the PS2 version, primarily because of the ability to remove the black bars from the NES games and also because of the much, much faster load times on the XBOX version. The sharper graphics and customizable controls also give the XBOX version an edge over PS2.

OVERALL WINNER: XBOX (http://www.ebgames.com/ebx/product/255151.asp)

In summary, both XBOX and PS2 versions are excellent renditions of Mega Man. But if trying to pick from the two, go for the XBOX version. And whatever you do, don't buy the Gamecube version due to its backwards control scheme that cannot be changed! :)

06-21-05, 10:11 AM
I have the Gamecube version and I don't think the controls are bad at all. Yes they are reversed, but the way the Gamecube controller is designed it makes sense.

A lot of people seem to misunderstand the gamecube controller; they look at it or try it out for a few minutes, and dismiss it because it doesn't have the standard 4 button diamond layout that the SNES, PSX, PS2, and now the XBOX have adopted. The 'A' button is the largest button and meant to be the primary one you press most of the time.

In Mega Man you are going to be shooting more than you are going to be jumping, so it makes sense that they assigned 'Shoot' to the 'A' button. I must admit that I didn't like it when I found this out (simply because I played the originals on the NES), but I quickly got used to it and enjoyed it because the way the Gamecube controller works. While I do agree that they should have included different controller schemes for the Gamecube version, having played it with the way it is now I would not change it. Now if I was playing it with a PS2 or XBOX controller, then yeah the reversal would bug me.