View Full Version : need help with mobo swap

06-21-05, 12:21 AM
im new on the forums and i need some help
well i have a dell dimension 3000 and my problem is i need a new 3d card for some games (such as bf2) i have an old card and my problem is my mobo dosn't have agp or pci express slots. only pci
is there a mobo that can fit in my dell pc
p4 3.0ghz with ht technology
ram 512
80 gig
let me know people
simplyf0rg0tten- my screen name if u want to talk to me on there
i would really appriciate it :)

:afro: <---- dude he is rocking one mad A$$ FRO

06-21-05, 08:30 AM
I think one of the MAJOR issues you will have is with the PSU. Dell power supplies are specific with dells ONLY. You will have to buy a new PSU to plug into that new MOBO you are buying, but im not sure if it will fit (correctly) in the DELL case. I could be wrong about all this, but Im just going off memory. Good luck.