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DOC Chappell
06-21-05, 11:01 AM
Hi all,
Here goes with my first post.

I do alot of conference work using Macromedia Director, and my Quadro NVS card, on my work Desktop PC.

Everything works a treat, the trouble is, it takes alot of work carrying the desktop, and the monitors with me on site.

A great solution for smaller shows would be to use my Sony Vaio Laptop.

I've tried hooking it up to a second monitor, and all works well, part from the fact that all applications see the two monitors as separate, and not one super wide-screen desktop (which the desktop Quadro card does). I need it to see it as one desktop, so when I maximise Macromedia Director, it fills both monitors, and I can move the show stage to the second screen, (the screen all the audience will see), and all the working panels I can hide on my 1st monitor...

Cloning is no good, as I can't see my working panels.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


06-24-05, 11:32 AM
Have you gone into the windows display properties area? You should see two monitors located in there. Click on monitor #2, and you should have available a check box that says EXTEND MY WINDOWS DESKTOP ONTO THIS MONITOR.

That should be what you're looking for.

DOC Chappell
06-24-05, 11:41 AM
...yeah, switching the second monitor/projector isn't a problme, it's just getting the card to see both monitors aas one desktop.

ie. on my desktop machine, the screen settings are 3840 by 1014 (three 1280x1024 monitors side by side).