View Full Version : New 6600 graphics all messed up !

06-21-05, 12:33 PM
I just installed a 6600 ( not GT, I'm poor !)

Works ok in 2d. But in 3d games it starts playing up.
Battlefield 2 demo shows it best :

See all the wierdness going on ?
Lots of transparent bits etc.
Happens in 3dmark too.

Tried using lots of different drivers and no difference.
Using inno3d 6600 agp card on a motherboard with SIS chipset(downloaded andinstalled latest sis agp drivers)

Slightly strange thing i noticed tohugh on the properties:
Why does it list the bus as PCI express 16x ?

Any help would be great. I'm stuck at the limit of my tech ability !!! :eek:


06-21-05, 02:14 PM
Have you tried the drivers that came with the BF2 demo? I would also suggest trying the official 71.89 drivers from Nvidia's website as I see the version you are running is 71.25.

06-21-05, 02:46 PM
Thanks for the advice. Yes, i have used the drivers that came with BF2 and also the latest nvidia drivers. The 7.25 you saw on the screen was just one of the drivers i tried ( I have tried about 4 of 5 different ones)

Unless anyone can come up with a solution I think my only option is to return the card and get a new one and see if that works any better..... :thumbdwn:

07-12-05, 04:29 PM

I have exactly the same problems with my 6600 agp card.
Sometimes i run around with a gun that seems to be hold up by a long wire into the sky, kinda funny but weird.
Does anyone know a solution?

Thx for the help.


07-12-05, 05:20 PM
Have you guys tried lowering your settings? I'm wondering if BF2 requires 256MB video Ram for whatever you are playing at.