View Full Version : Stuck with single-view

06-23-05, 11:39 AM
I have a GF6800GT Pci-e card and I don't see the options for cloning/dual-view or anything in my drivers. I'm stuck in single-view mode.

Any tips for getting it to work? I got my monitor hooked up on DVI-1 and my tv is connected to the s-video out. I can swap back and forth between them but I can't get the picture to show on both screens at the same time.

I got the latest 77.72 drivers installed, but I had the same problem with the previous 77.30 and 77.50 drivers. Haven't tried any older drivers yet, I like my BF2! :P

06-23-05, 12:09 PM
Ok moved monitor to dvi-2 and everything is working a-okay!
Seems that dvi-1 and the tv-out counts as the same device at least for my card. Problem solved!