View Full Version : NEED help Fast!!! Ram question

06-23-05, 10:05 PM
Im a total newb when it come to memory

I need help What would be a good choice for corsair brand memory ( performance/price)
for a athlon x2 4400

06-24-05, 05:26 AM
1. What motherboard will you be using?
2. How much ram do you want to use (if you know) ?

Most corsair between ddr400 and ddr550 should be ok, but compatibility may be limited or at least shaped by the motherboard you use. Chances are that whatever you get, you'll want matched pairs to better assure dual channel performance. Lower latency = better, as well.

06-24-05, 09:18 AM
unless you overclock, get corsair value ram (PC3200 aka DDR 400) and make it 2x512 (1 gb total)

06-24-05, 09:27 AM
asus a8n-sli premium