View Full Version : Tt BigWater liquid cooling

06-24-05, 09:29 AM
For my move back to an AMD system I was going to go with either an Arctic Cooling Freezer64 (http://www.arctic-cooling.com/cpu2.php?idx=10&disc=) or Tt BigTyphoon (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16835106061) HSF...but...at my other forum haunt a member had a like new, Tt BigWater for sale @ $50 shipped! I couldn't resist, liquid at the price of air could not be turned down :)
I'm anxious to try the BW out......I'm not expecting it to cool as well as my old standard Koolance EXOS\CPU-300 block but from the reviews looks like it'll kick air's butt.......

06-27-05, 09:09 AM
Why not use it with your koolance 300 block? Unless you have one of the newer koolance systems, they should both use 1\4" id tubes.