View Full Version : Issue with 7njs and corsair memory

12-17-02, 01:25 AM
I have 2 256mb xms3200 memory sticks in a Chaintech n7js and the lowest dimm voltage setting is 2.7 volts. The default should be 2.5 volts. There is no default setting either. I was wondering if any other memory brands were affected too because Chaintech won't offically support corsair memory for that board. Wouldn't every memory stick brand you use with this board and this particular bios version (bios date 11/18/2002) have this same problem? I would imagine that putting in another brand of memory wouldn't unlock the 2.5 volt option in the menu. Other than the voltage being a bit high the memory runs flawlessly. All the reviews I saw with this board used corsair CL2 memory with no problem so I thought Chaintech would support it. If anyone else has this issue with the Chaintech 7njs board using corsair or any other brand of memory I would like to hear about it.

12-17-02, 05:28 AM
Your memory should be fine at 2.7v even 2.8v :confused: I know some boards can be picky about ram, my board has been known to have problems with some high end ram also :(