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06-24-05, 07:07 PM
Here is my stuff for sale... Send me a PM if you want something. My heatware and ebay feedback is under "nippyjun".


BFG Geforce 6800 Ultra AGP Vid card. Lifetime warrantee. $375 shipped obo. I'll include a $20 Best buy gift card with this.

Gigabyte GA-K8NS Pro A64 mobo. This one came fresh from RMA. $69 shipped. OBO

Enermax Power Supply, EG465P-VE The output is 431 watts. $59 shipped. OBO

Suze Orman Will and Trust Kit. PC CDrom program in the box. $15 shipped OBO.

Sony GDM-FW900 24 inch Monitor. This monitor is in excellent condition and is aswome. It's the top of the line Sony monitor. It's widescreen. Ideally local pickup in Los Angeles would be ideal. Shipping would be expensive. For pickup the price is $625 OBO. If you want it shipped then i will check the shipping fee to your location. It was manufactured in late 2000. I think i purhcased it in mid or late 2001 brand new from Onvia.com. I've kept the original box as it's the safest way to transport it. It was used for about an hour per day on average. I kept it coverd most of the time when not in use.

Farcry for PC $14 shipped.

Dell Axim X50/ X50v original slip case. $14 shipped OBO.

One Memorex DVD+RW disk. brand new. 4x. $4 plus shipping OBO.

A bunch of Excellent quality Mint on Card Vintage Star Wars Figures available. Some are AFA graded. If you are interested in seeing my list PM or Email me. I'm also looking to buy Vintage Carded star wars figures too.

Olympus C-700 Ultra Zoom camera. This camera has a 10x optical zoom which is incredible. Comes w/ the camera and all the original materials (manual, box, strap, lens cap). Also, I'll include a 128MB smartmedia card. The only defect w/ the camera is that one pixel in the center of the screen is bad so you can see a small green spot on the pictures. This can be easily photoshopped out which is what i have been doing. $169 shipped OBO.

I have a Vintage 3Dfx Interactive/Monster 3D/Diamond Multimedia Poster. Diamond multimedia made the original 3Dfx Monster 3D card back in the 90's and this is an original poster that I obtained from Diamond way back then. It's in excellent condition. $75 shipped OBO.

I have new in the box Doom 3 presale packs. There are 3 different ones and you get one of each. Each has a figurine in it (pinky, baron of hell, mancubus). One of them comes with a doom 3 poster and some coupons for video cards at best buy. I have not opened any of them. These have become collectors items as you can't buy them in retail any more. $35 shipped OBO.

I have 4 Large (about 6 inch by 6 inch) Nvidia Decals. These would be perfect on the side of a case. There are 2 styles and I have 2 of each. $5 shipped each OBO.

Vantec Power Supply Vibration Dampener Kit: $6 shipped OBO.

120mm fan grills: I have chrome ones and black ones. $2.25 shipped each. If you need more than one let me know as I have a bunch available of each and if you need more than one the price will be lower due to postage savings. There are 2 styles of the chrome ones so if you are interested I can send you a pic.

Taisol Heatsink/fan (i used it with the Tbird 1.4 gig chip). Model CGK760092. This is cold forged aluminum with impact forged CopperBase for enhanced heat transfer. The copper base was originally lapped smooth, but has some scratches... so it needs to be sanded smooth again. I'm too lazy to do it before i sell it. The fan on top is a globalwin fan. I don't remember if it came with the heatsink or I added it as it's been quite a while since I assembled the system that it came out of. $22 shipped obo. Note: I'm not 100% sure that this is the correct model number. I believe it is. IF you go to the taisol web site there are a few models that have the same heatsink, but different interface material (which i believe is the thermal grease or thermal pad) or different fans. This one has not grease on it. The other model numbers are CGK760172, CGK760002. Again all are the same heatsink, but different interface material.

One black 18" ATA133 ABIT IDE cable. It is in good condition. $3.25 shipped OBO.

Linksys LNE100tx version 4 Lan card. $10 shipped.

Windows 95 CD $15 shipped

Antec P160 side panel. I have a brand new side panel for an Antec P160 case. Its the panel with the 2 round locking knobs. $19 shipped.

Palm Pilot Professional Sync Cradle. This is the cradle only, not the device. $10 shipped.

The Black Sabbath Story DVD Volume 2 1978-1992. $12 shipped

Dr. Andrew Weil Taking care of your self cd's. 4cd's. $12 shipped.

Dr. Andrew Weil 4 cd set: Breating: The master key to self healing & Meditation for optimum health. $12 shipped.

Paypal preferred. I usually ship within 1-2 days of receiving payment. Email me with questions or offers. Make me an offer, i'm flexible. Thank you. .


I'm looking for:

Whole Foods Gift Cards.

Banana Republic Gift Cards.

Nordstrom Gift Cards.

Microsoft Intellimouse explorer 3.0 unused.

Canon PowerShot S1 IS

Original Star Wars Figures. Let me know what you have. Ideally I'd like ones still on the cards /still in the original package. I'm looking for ones from the late 1970's and early 1980's.

07-04-05, 11:04 AM
Pricedrop to $365

07-04-05, 12:27 PM
I have original Star Wars figures from the 70's and the original ship that came with it. It's a whole case of all the types of people (Republic Pilots, Vader, Storm Troopers, other Jedi, etc.) but I'm not sure if it is for sale, sorry...