View Full Version : Missing 3d tab in forceware control panel

06-24-05, 07:26 PM
I have missing 3d control tab in the recent forceware...is it hidden somewhere or am I doing something wrong....thanks in advance.

http://img10.echo.cx/img10/1301/missing3d3af.jpg (http://www.imageshack.us)

06-25-05, 12:50 AM
I Like your wallpaper from what I can see.

Have you tried removing them and then installing them again? If you're currently using coolbits or nvtweak, after removing the drivers and then reinstalling them, try the CP first before installing coolbits or nvtweak to see if it is there. Also, if you haven't already, give nvtweak a shot to see if that changes anything. That's definitely a weird one but I did see someone else mention they lost their temperature option. Anyway, some versions of coolbits removed that option by default so it could be as simple as that (if you're using some version of coolbits). Nvtweak was created to let you pick and choose what shows up.

Also, nhancer provides the functionality of the option you're missing so you might want to give that a shot also (although I think you should try to find out why it's not showing up first). www.nhancer.com