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06-25-05, 07:01 PM
Get them in here


Edit: Thanks to macatak and F_L_C.It's indeed nforce drivers to Intel chipset.Apologies for that
Although they do work ok on my system
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06-26-05, 01:36 AM
I take it these are 32Bit and for NForce4? I know, they'll still work with other boards, as I'm using the Intel 7.12 set on my AMD system. I'll give these a go tomorrow. Anyone tried these yet?

06-26-05, 01:49 AM
I'm downloading them right now on a DSL pipe but the site the OP linked to is unbelievably slow (download speed is currently 1.06 KB/Sec !). If somebody could host the package somewhere else, that would be great. I'm also wondering where the OP found this package. Posting the Readme would be helpful too.

06-26-05, 02:05 AM
I downloaded them in no time at all from nvidias ftp site

06-26-05, 02:22 AM
If this package is the same one that's on nV's FTP (and it appears so cause they're the same size), than it is outdated. Also, this package is for NF4 Intel, not NF4 AMD. The thread title caught my attention initially because the most current package for NF4 AMD is v6.53.

06-26-05, 02:52 AM
The 7.11 package available at nzone (http://www.nzone.com/object/nzone_downloads_nforce4_winxp_2k_7.11.html) is for Intel SLI

06-26-05, 03:26 AM
They run fine on my system (not intel).Got them via DriverMagic Pro.

This nForce Win2K/XP driver package contains the below components:

Audio driver version 4.62 (WHQL)
Audio utility version 4.51
Ethernet NRM driver version 4.82 (WHQL)
Network management tools version 4.88
SMBus driver version 4.45 (WHQL) with updated uninstaller files with updated uninstaller files
Installer version 4.72
Win2K IDE PATARAID driver version 5.33
Win2K IDE SATARAID driver version 5.33
Win2K IDE SATA_IDE driver version 5.33
WinXP IDE PATARAID driver version 5.33
WinXP IDE SATARAID driver version 5.33
WinXP IDE SATA_IDE driver version 5.33

Readme file

06-26-05, 02:44 PM
Absolutely amazing! These are NOT the AMD drivers, but the older Intel drivers for the NForce4. There is a Thread for these already, plus the newer 7.12's are out already. This should be closed! And yes, that site was ungodly slow. Glad I canceled the download now. And yes, they will run on AMD systems, I'm using the 7.12 Intel set. Damn, got my hopes up for nothing!