View Full Version : Zalman VF700 Cu on a Gainward 6800GT 2400/Ultra Golden Sample

abit late
06-26-05, 03:02 PM
Hello Peeps

Has anyone fitted a Zalman VF700 Cu on a Gainward 6800GT 2400/Ultra Golden Sample card? I am very keen to get this cooler, mainly to cut back on noise, but am paranoid about damaging my noisy but otherwise excelent card, so I thought I'd post to see if anyone has any tips for me. The main concern is safely removing the stock heatsink. Is there any variation on heatsink removal on a Gainward?

I have never removed or fitted a heatsink before and my plan is to unscrew the fan unit, carefully wiggle the stock heatsink off, clean the core with as pure an alcohol solution as can be found, apply a thin layer of thermal grease and install the VF700 cooler.

Any advice on compatibility or fitting would be gratefully received!



06-26-05, 03:18 PM
I got zalman on my gainward 6800gt (not a GS, but dual-DVI model). Fits without problems and is easy to install. Also the gainwards copper cooler comes off quite easily once you've got it loose.

06-26-05, 03:57 PM
I've often thought of replacing the cooler on my GS... but the noise does not bug me to much and I think the stock coolier looks pretty badass :D Plus... I would be so nervous about installing a new HSF on a card that at the time cost me $422 .. lol.

abit late
06-26-05, 05:53 PM
Thanks fellas, Bluekkis whats the best way to 'get it loose'? Wiggle it? Did you have any hairy moments?

$n][pErMan, yes it does look pretty good but the PC is on 24/7 and the graphics card is now the only thing that can be heard. The fact that the VF700 is quiet, cheap and apparently cools well makes it worth the risk me thinks!

Any more tips folks? I guess that dealing with the Gainward card is no harder than any other 6800GT so I think I'll roll with it.

06-27-05, 02:54 AM
Just unscrew the lid with fans and then push those pints that are holding the heatsinks and it will drop off. There's just pads between rams and some stuff to clean from gpu.