View Full Version : separate brightness settings for 2D and games?

06-27-05, 05:52 AM

After 2 ATI cards I just switched back to a 6800GT, mainly because they're the best price/performance cards out now (after the recent pricedrop), and I need something that can play my games on my monitor's native resolution (1920*1200 or 1600*1200 in 4:3 on my Dell 2405FPW :D )

Now here is the problem: this monitor is VERY bright, brightness on the monitor itself is turned all the way down. On my old ATI 9800pro I had 2 separate gamma/brigthness settings in the control panel: one for desktop and one for 3D. The 3D brightness was fine, but I turned down the desktop brightness 10%.

Now in the nVidea control panel I can only find one gamma/brightness setting, which affects both 2D and 3D gamma.
When I set the brightness at anything lower than default (like 98% or 90%, doesn't matter), all dark colors in games are very dark and almost indistinguishable. To me this looks more like a bug than reduced brightness settings in 3D.

Since I'm just back from ATI, I only installed the latest reference drivers (windowsXP forceware 77.72)
Are there nVidea tweak programs where I can change this independently? Or are there better (older) drivers that have correct gamma settings? It seems the latest drivers have some issues with overlay brightness, maybe my problem is related to that.

thanks for all the help!