View Full Version : nForce chipset based ASUS A7N8X-X Motherboard

06-28-05, 05:53 AM
Hello All;

I have successfully installed Solaris 10 on the ASUS A7N8X-X motherboard but Solaris is unable to recognize the on board ethernet chipset.

Windoze recognises it as an NVIDIA nForce MCP Networking Adaptor.

Is there an available Solaris driver for the above?

Warmest Regards
Steven Sim

06-28-05, 10:19 PM

The above page has an MCP driver, hopefully that will work for you. Just do a "find" for "MCP" as there are a lot of drivers offered there.

07-02-05, 01:55 PM
Is there a solution to use nForce sound from the chispet ? I only founded linux drivers

07-02-05, 02:13 PM
For sound drivers:


Free for personal use.

07-02-05, 03:48 PM
huge thanks man

07-16-06, 03:31 PM
Hello there,

I'm running an ASUS M2NPV-VM motherboard with the nVidia MCP 501 sound system on an OpenSuSE 10.1 install. I can hear my sound but get a high-pitched whining whenever a sound is played. Will installing OSS help me at all? I've looked at the website mentioned above and it looks promising.


07-17-06, 02:15 AM
Yes, installing the OSS drivers *may* fix this -- if it's a driver issue. However, this whine could be the result of interference over your speaker wire, from inside your case, or dozens of other causes.

OSS drivers are of far higher quality than that typically found in Linux distributions, so I can highly recommend you give them a try.