View Full Version : Question.. Sell my 2 6800 Ultra's and get a 7800GTX?

06-29-05, 07:55 AM
Just wondering if I should sell my 2 x 6800 Ultra's and get 1 x BFG 7800GTX..(Can't afford 2 cards right now as I have to buy my Melbourne Formula 1 tickets this month), so I will be able to buy another 7800GTX in a few months time.

What I was wondering is ..will I see a performance drop in Battlefield 2 with the 1 BFG 7800GTX if I dump the 2 Ultras? (BF2 is the main game I play ..along with GTR and LOMAC).


06-29-05, 07:55 AM
I wouldn't...for 2 GTXs yes but not for one :)

06-29-05, 07:59 AM
Honestly, Unless you plan on getting a secondary 7800GTX in the near future. It would not be worth it. The performance would be better on Dual 6800 Ultras.

06-29-05, 08:19 AM
I agree it is not worth it for 1 card.

07-01-05, 07:09 PM
Well I bit the bullet and have sold my 2 x 6800 Ultra's (sniff) and have ordered a BFG 7800GTX. Just one for now but will be easy to save for another one in the very near future. :D

07-01-05, 07:13 PM
how much did you get for the dual ultras?


07-01-05, 07:14 PM
eh i dont know much about computers lol...you cant have 2 different video cards in your computer could you? lets say a 5200 fx and a 6800? lol? :confused: :rolleyes:

:afro2: :eek:

07-01-05, 07:15 PM
I got $1000.00 Australian for both. They were only a month old and have NV Silencers fitted as well. I lost a few dollars on the deal but I think once I have 2 BFG beasties installed I will quickly forget the pain and suffering I feel right now........lol

07-01-05, 07:24 PM
I am selling a Gainward Golden Sample 6800 Ultra AGP card (430/1200 Factory Overclock) for $350.00 as soon as I can find a buyer. Then I will be starting on a new rig in addition to the one in my sig that will be my new gaming rig w/ custom watercooling (current one will be a Lan Party/Secondary rig). I have everything for the new one except the vid cards. System is as follows.

AMD 3700+ San Diego
DFI Nforce4 SLI-DR
1GB OCZ Gold VX DDR500
2x WD Raptor - Raid 0

I am going to be running a dual loop water cooling. 1 loop for CPU and 2nd loop for Vid cards. As soon as I sell that gainward card I will be ordering the first BFG 7800GTX and then adding the second hopefully shortly after.


07-01-05, 07:28 PM
ok im a noob, whats water cooling? :-/
and can u use 2 different video cards in a computer :P 5200 FX 6600? lol

:afro2: :eek:

07-01-05, 09:00 PM
Not for one of the cards... I got 2 and couldn't be happier :)

07-01-05, 10:07 PM
ok im a noob, whats water cooling? :-/
and can u use 2 different video cards in a computer :P 5200 FX 6600? lol

:afro2: :eek:
No, although you could get a PCI graphics card and use two. It wouldn't be helpful for increasing performance though.

Watercooling replaces the traditional heat sink and fan used to cool the graphics card. It's mainly for people wanting to overclock their cards a lot and maybe reduce the noise by eliminating high rpm fans that are frequently used to help cool the GPU.

07-02-05, 08:55 AM
What's wrong with you guys? 6800U SLI is not enough? What are you doing? :D

07-02-05, 09:06 AM
Although 1x7800GTX is a little faster than 2x6800U SLI in BF2 .. i still dont recommend the trade.
yeah its tempting & i cant blame ya , but its always better to wait further & get something better :)

07-02-05, 09:44 AM
Wait for the 512mb version :) Then maybe ;)

07-02-05, 10:06 AM
Just thinking about the price on the 512MB version of the 7800GTX is going to cause me to have nightmares. I'll have to sell my car just to afford it.


07-02-05, 01:54 PM
you cant have 2 different video cards in your computer could you? lets say a 5200 fx and a 6800?
Ignore the nay sayers. Sure you can! I have multiple machines with different GPU combinations. Most of them are 5800 agp + 5200 pci, or 6800 sli + 5200 pci, but I've teamed a GeForce2 PCI with just about every NVIDIA AGP card since the original GeForce 256 DDR. All combinations have zero problems under Windows XP once you set the BIOS to initialize the PCI slot video first.

07-02-05, 05:21 PM
depends... ultra's do pack more of a punch.. im most areas.. but how much will that change? when games come out to really utilize the g70? and without the trasparency AA ... they can't provide the same level of visual quality. IMO BUT.. being that you already have the ultra's... i would prolly wait and see what happens next..

07-02-05, 06:00 PM
TOO LATE!! I sold the Ultras yesterday and ordered my BFG 7800GTX (will be ordering the second one in a few weeks time).

Will let you know if im smiling or not over the next few days.

The other reason for selling now is..im sure the price of 6 series cards will fall soon due to the new cards.