View Full Version : Onboard realtech audio codec Q.

12-17-02, 05:03 PM
Oh heres the deal, Ive been using my Sblive (4.1) ever since they were new and Im very happy with it. Never any problems for me.

On most mobos these days there is onboard audio, so on my new mobo (still without cpu :( ) there is realtech.

Are these chips able to use Eax features and such in games ?
Or something simalar ?

Im sorry for the n00b questions Im asking all the time ... Im just very new to these new things (compared to my old computer im using now)


12-17-02, 07:18 PM
My onboard sound is the same, 5.1 Realtech I think. I am using the same sound card as you, and IMO it is much better than the onboard sound. The onboard sound, sounds like its coming from a tin can, and there is no bass whats so ever. Sure it does the job, but it really isnt as good as my old SBLive, I mostly play games, watch movies and listern to the odd bit of music.

12-17-02, 07:34 PM
Ok then :) Ill know what to do.
Do you know btw if it is possible to have the Sblive connected and the onboard sound enabled at the same time ?
My guess was yes but when I asked the guy at the store he wasnt as sure as I am.

It would be good if that worked
In this comp i have the Sblive and my old Sb Awe 32 (isa, 8mb). Its handy when I make music.

The onboard sound would have to substitute for my old sb32 as there are no Isa slots (finaly)

On a side note:
There is a big difference in the sound of the old sb32 and the Sblive. Sblive is alot more clear.
Ive connected both soundcards to my stereo reciver, one on the tape1 in and the other on tape2 in. So its easy to switch :)