View Full Version : Boot from CD will not work...:(

06-29-05, 03:59 PM
I've just finished building a new computer. Athlon 64 with as Seagate SATA Hard drive on a Chaintech nforce4 ultra. Every component works, and i've been through the bios, but when trying to boot from a Windows XP disk, it sometimes says NTLDR not found, or switches to a blank screen with a blinking cursor, and the CD drive spins down-and never starts windows setup. I've tried both a Home Edition disc and a Professional disk with the same results. I have no fancy RAID setup, just the single drive. I've built 2 computers before this, and i've never had trouble launching setup...any ideas?

This happens most of the time now....i got a new screen with Trap and Exception and a bunch of Hex numbers....

06-29-05, 05:07 PM
Thought the RAM was defective.....because i put new RAM in and setup launched, but now i get the same errors..... :confused:

06-29-05, 05:25 PM
Wierd. Now i think i got it. the CD-RW may be defective. unplugged it and used the DVD-ROM, and setup came right up.... :)

06-29-05, 06:19 PM
It may or may not be defective... Windows XP setup is extremely flaky. Ive seen perfectly stable ram cause huge problems in XP setup. Same with CDROM drives. Id say just do whatever you can to make setup work, and afterwards just get your system back to normal and see if it runs everything else stably... it probably will.

BTW, the problem is a lot more prevalent with copied XP CDs, but real ones do it as well. Its just a combination of varying hardware and an extremely sensitive setup program probably.