View Full Version : PSPComplete Mag 2 out - july edition

07-01-05, 05:36 AM
Got my 2nd mag done. :) hope you psp owners enjoy it.
1st issue was 60 pages, this one is like 115 :)


Mr. Hunt
07-02-05, 12:55 PM
Very nice... keep up the good work.

07-02-05, 09:21 PM
did you notice the shoutout page Mr.Hunt? ;)

Mr. Hunt
07-02-05, 09:43 PM
Lol... no I didn't notice that... just looked through it again and saw it... that is cool. Maybe I should finally get around to registering on the site lol.

I hope you continue to do them in the future (I remember you saying you might stop after this issue... I don't think you should... you and your crew do great work).