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07-02-05, 08:36 PM
Hey everyone not sure if this was posted already. if it was sorry I did not see it under search. The game looks amazing un Ultra High settings :). Iam using San diego 4000 and BFG 7800GTX 1 gig pc3200 ram and it runs nice.

First you must go into your My Documents\Battlefield 2\Profiles\0001\video.con file and just copy and paste over with the following:

VideoSettings.setTerrainQuality 4
VideoSettings.setGeometryQuality 4
VideoSettings.setLightingQuality 4
VideoSettings.setDynamicLightingQuality 4
VideoSettings.setDynamicShadowsQuality 4
VideoSettings.setEffectsQuality 4
VideoSettings.setTextureQuality 4
VideoSettings.setTextureFilteringQuality 4
VideoSettings.setResolution 1600x1200@60Hz
VideoSettings.setAntialiasing 4Samples
VideoSettings.setViewDistanceScale 1
VideoSettings.setVideoOptionScheme 3


07-02-05, 08:43 PM
Thanks for that info, got any pics? :)

I see that you're just running with 1GB of RAM. Many say that BF2 needs 2GB to run smoothly. I'm just curious of what kind of performance you're getting...any stuttering?

07-02-05, 08:43 PM
Phf .. POS game stutters enough on me now ... lol.

07-02-05, 08:50 PM
Someone posted some comparison pictures of high and ultra, and to be quite honest I can't see any difference at all.
This was on another forum btw.

07-02-05, 09:38 PM
Yes I get Stutter , ordered another gig should be here this week. It's not any worse than the high settings stutter. This game really needs more than 1 gig for sure.

07-02-05, 09:53 PM
I would like to check this out but I cant find this "0001\video.con". I see video con in folder named "Default" but not with those settings. Anyone?

Edit-oops I was searching for the file in the C: Drive folder. :o

07-02-05, 10:32 PM
Yea I'm curious as to the differences as well... I don't know if the Ultra high settings are even working properly.

07-02-05, 11:42 PM
I dont want to fool myself and say I see a difference. I booted up the game with those settings posted and I was sure I saw a difference but it may have been because the AA is 2X more than I would use and 1600x1200@60Hz is lower than what I use. I then went back to my regular settings and I cant say I see difference other than my default settings ran better. Also for those scared to try this you can set everything back to normal from the in game settings.

07-03-05, 02:12 PM
does this need to be said?

07-03-05, 02:46 PM
I really can't say I saw a difference [other than my fps dropping to 15...]

07-03-05, 02:55 PM
I did this in the demo and I didnt notice any difference at all.

07-03-05, 04:35 PM
Took some screenshots to compare although I didnt go all out. Maybe I will try another map but from these I see no difference other than the screen shots are not in the exact same position. I dont think making those changes really enable Ultra.

First shots are my default settings, the second ones are the Ultra settings as posted with AA dropped to 2X and the ref at 85Hz instead of 60Hz. All my default settings were set to high, AA 2X and ref 85Hz. Turned of AF in both instances.

07-03-05, 05:08 PM
I think the game looks good enough at medium details. :-/

I do however turn up the "texture filtering" and "effects" to High and don't notice any stuttering on my FX 5900 (other than when I first enter the map, so I just do a complete 360 turn to get all the textures loaded).

07-03-05, 05:56 PM
I experimented with these settings some days ago. The program appears to behave exactly the same as all settings to 'high', with the same amount of RAM used.

I was hoping it might unlock the amazing image quality we saw in all the early preview screens ;)

If these modes even work, it is unlikely the ultra high assets (possibly extra high res textures, extra slow and pretty shaders) shipped with the game. In the case of textures, they would have simply taken up much more disk space and not been available to the average player.

07-03-05, 07:20 PM
I see very little difference from my settings to the top settings. I am too busy blowing stuff up to even notice.:D

07-15-07, 04:54 PM
I really really really really do NOT mean to revive an old thread, but this is how I found this forum in the first place. When I copy paste this into my Video.con, my settings reset back to high.

07-15-07, 05:46 PM
Later patches disabled this "Ultra settings" tweak.

07-16-07, 01:11 PM
Later patches disabled this "Ultra settings" tweak.
Oh:thumbdwn: Why would they do this?!