View Full Version : My New Battery Backup...

07-02-05, 08:47 PM
Just picked up a Belkin 1250KVA (680watts) / 1000J battery backup for $161.00. :D I must say the software it comes with is pretty sweet. It also looks like a small server .. lol. 8 battery powered sockets on it, also has phone line and LAN protection and noise filtering. Connects via USB or Serial. I have yet to test it fully as im waiting for the battery to fully charge but it claims that under full load it will last 100 minutes :D Check my sig for all my specs and thats whats hooked up to it and its only under 45% load. I'll let you all know tomorrow how it does under a stress test but right now im very happy with my purchase. :cool: Also, if any parts fry under its watch it warrents to pay for your parts up to $200,000. Its really meant for high powered servers as you can LAN several of these to communicate and run together :)