View Full Version : FS: 2 x 80GB Maxtor Diamond Max 10

07-05-05, 10:56 AM
These are the new maxtor diamond max 10 drives with sata 2 technology such as native command queing and native sata ports.

I was using these drives in a raid 0 set-up and they work great!!

These drives are only 2 months old, and I will include copy of original invoice from zipzoomfly.

separately, each drive with shipping is $50

Combined, both drives with shipping is $90

heatware and ebay id is lytalbayre

07-05-05, 12:11 PM
Might be interested, why are you getting rid of them?

07-05-05, 01:03 PM
as my sig indicates, I'm getting 2x200gb maxtor drives with 16mb cache...

I've been doing some photochopping and video work requiring more storage.

Otherwise, drives are in perfect working and cosmetic condition. Also, there is supposed to be a 3-yr warranty on OEM drives from Maxtor (Don't know if that's transferable).

Anyhow, they are like new. Feel free to ask more questions. PM me if you wanna buy.


07-05-05, 01:10 PM
PM on the way.

07-05-05, 03:09 PM
Drives going to Tr1ck