View Full Version : Nvidia application profiles need fixing!!

07-05-05, 09:02 PM
I'm sure this problem is repeatable but has anyone else noticed that if you create an application profile for battlefield 1942 and set Image Settings to "High Quality" and LOD bias to "Clamp" that it doesn't work? It only works if you set these things in the Global Driver Settings. However, for a game such as Call of Duty that already has a profile...the profile editor seems to work fine. I tried nHancer too and battlefield 1942 is still resistant to letting the Quality and Clamp settings work in the profile (although AA and AF work in the profile). I think wierd things happen like this with some other games as well. It seems Nvidia needs to sit down and straighten out their application profile function because right now it is hit and miss depending on the game...and this is very annoying.