View Full Version : FS: Geforce FX 5800 ultra, Athlon XP 1900+, Celeron 300a, Alpha PAL8045

07-06-05, 05:01 PM
Geforce FX 5800 ultra
the OG Dustbuster.. never overclocked, still runs great. AGP 4x/8x, 128mb DDR-II, 500mhz core / 1000mhz clock.
$100 + shipping

Athlon XP 1900+
used for about 2 years straight running seti@home with no problems. Palimino core (v1.75), 133/266fsb. Locked multiplier. Can overclock a little, i only got it up to 143fsb because my memory sucks.
$35 + shipping

Celeron Slot 1 300a
-Old school overclocker. Can do 103mhz FSB no problem. (only got up to 103, that was the highest my old abit board did.)
-Includes 2 fan+heatsink slot1 cooler.
$5 + shipping

Alpha PAL8045 Heatsink
New in box pal8045 hs, works on motherboards with four mounting holes surrounding the cpu. Includes everything in the box: instruction manual, mounting screws/nuts, etc.
$15 + shipping

alucard_x on beerology.com and ebay

07-07-05, 02:20 AM
Ahh, man, where were you a couple of weeks ago when I was looking for a 5800? :(

07-07-05, 10:36 AM
****.. being lazy and not posting my stuff to sell :/

07-07-05, 07:54 PM
YGPM for 5800U.

07-10-05, 12:48 AM
5800u is available again..

07-10-05, 02:55 AM
Thats a nice deal on that 5800U :) I'm tempted to pick it up just for nostaliga :D

07-10-05, 04:30 AM
Damn, I remember loving my 5800 when I first got it, jumped from a Ti4200. :)

In other news:

07-21-05, 10:55 AM
bump :afro:

Seph gPu
07-21-05, 11:16 AM
If u still have the 5800 ultra in a week (when I get paid) , i'll take it.

07-21-05, 03:37 PM
by the looks of it i probably will.. please shoot me an email when you're ready

Seph gPu
07-21-05, 04:06 PM
sounds good, i'll have $$ next friday and I definately want the card.

07-31-05, 04:17 PM
still want the card??

08-08-05, 10:28 AM
bump :eek: